Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Bluetooth Smart Wallet Thwarts Thieves

Did you know 43% of most known cases of identity theft occur through stolen wallets and not hackers? That’s what the makers of the Ping wallet are banking on. Ping is a super slim aluminum Bluetooth® Smart wallet. When you take your cards out or forget to put them back in, it emits a sound. If you lose your Ping or it goes out of range of your smartphone, your smartphone emits a sound to either help you find it or alert you it is missing. If your smartphone goes out of proximity, the Ping wallet emits a sound as well. The wallet is a current Kickstarter project with a few more dollars to go by the deadline. This option for a Saturday night might be a good bet if you decide to have too much fun out on the town, at least you can keep track of your money and identity.

A Hard Bluetooth Pill to Swallow

Tracking patient medication is a tough thing to do. We’ve seen the movie with the mental patient hiding his medication in his cheek. Proteus Digital Health developed a bill that texts an alert when it reaches the stomach. The pharmacist adds the pills to a specially prepared tray housing all the patient’s medication. When the patient downs the sensor, caregivers assume the patient took all the medication.
Once the sensor reaches the stomach it powers up using electrolytes. It transmits a signal via Bluetooth® technology and a special patch worn on the torso to a smartphone or secure patient database. We’ve seen any different use cases of Bluetooth Smart in the medical industry recently. This is just another example of how Bluetooth Smart helps monitor patient health and helps doctors provide a more holistic diagnosis.